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The Multi-Product Sourcing Specialists

We are proud to be one of the most reputed Professional Business Consultants and Contract Coordinators, engaged in diversified business activities & services. Our company is dealing in different products & services, providing a complete range of Petroleum Products, Commodities, Petrochemicals, Precious Metals and Financial Products and Services.

Generally, our business position is either directly involved as traders or as a Stand-Alone Facilitator and Contract Coordinator. This would mean that we are mostly direct to Sellers and Buyers.
However, when it comes to talk about working with other intermediaries, we are not interested to work with more than One and Single Mandate or an appointed Representative of either a Seller or Buyer.
Please note that we are not interested in receiving Offers or Demands from long chains of cut-and-paste Brokers.

When it comes to keep a good and long-lasting business relationship with our customers, honesty, reliability and service quality have been always our first priority. We always try to undestand clearly our customers' needs and requirements, we recommend & provide only quality products & services, conforming strictly to international standards. Moreover, our capability to deliver products & services as per the exact requirement of the clients gives us an additional advantage over all other competitors. We have solid and reliable business partners, providing high quality products and services, together with innovative sourcing solutions, and strict selection criterisa, backed by a constant and comprehensive support.

For all enquiries Please Contact: sales [at] petrolway.com

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