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Petroleum & Energy Products

We are in a position to coordinate and arrange the supply of the following Petroleum Products on Contract basis or Spot deals, depending on availability.
Please be specific in your enquiries, i.e. Your requirements on materials specifications, monthly shipments, either you want to be quoted on FOB or C&F basis, destination port and the type of payment instrument you intend to use.

  • D-2-Diesel Oil
  • HSDO High Speed Diesel Oil
  • HSFO High Sulphur Fuel Oil - M100
  • LSFO Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
  • LSDO Low Sulphur Diesel Oil
  • Jet A-1
  • JP 54 Jet Fuel Airplane Kerosene
  • VGO Vacuum Gas Oi
  • HSVGO High Sulphur Vacuum Gasoil
  • LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • LPG Mixture
  • LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
  • MOGAS 87-RON Unleaded
  • SLCO Saudi Light Crude Oil
  • SHCO Saudi Heavy Crude Oil
  • ILCO Iranian Light Crude Oil
  • IHCO Iranian Heavy Crude Oil
  • BLCO Basrah Light Crude Oil
  • BMCO Basrah Medium Crude Oil
  • KBCO Kirkuk Blend Crude Oil
  • REBCO Crude Oil
  • Base Oils
  • Bitumen

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For all enquiries Please Contact: sales [at] petrolway.com

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